Peace in Life’s Storms

Peace and Life's storms

Another unexpected hospital admission. I had to decide whether to stay or go on a planned retreat. The decision was tough, but I felt the nudge to go.

I stood on the beach on a nice chilly January morning, reflecting on this current storm and all the other storms my family had experienced during the last two years. I needed time alone to rest without family—time to pray and seek God’s help for my loved one’s health.

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2 thoughts on “Peace in Life’s Storms

  1. Happy blessed Thanksgiving season! I feel especially thankful for you every day! I know that God has blessed my life with you–I can never stop thanking Him! *hugs you*

    This devotion share is awesome. Very encouraging, and yes, so good for so many of us. You are so thoughtful and I love that you allow the Lord to use you the way you do. I know I say this a lot, but it is the truth, and a most blessed virtue to have. I love you!

    *more big hugs*
    Your Sis

    1. Ursula, I am thankful for you and your encouragement. Glad that you were blessed by the devotion. Hugs and blessings sweet sister.

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