Confusion in the Enemy’s Camp

Confusion in the enemy’s camp!

It was a nice and cool day to hang out at the riverbed. A herd of buffalo had no idea that danger was near until a sudden attack by a lion pride. Pandemonium broke out as members of the herd ran over an embankment for dear life. One buffalo could not escape in time.

The lions pounced on him and bit him until he went down. They thought they had dinner until an intruding lioness joined them for a free meal.  During the confusion and fighting, guess what happened?

The buffalo escaped.

He got up without thinking to assess his bruises. He climbed over the embankment…glad to be alive.

The miraculous escape of this buffalo reminds me of the story of king Jehoshaphat of Judah and his people when they faced the threat of an attack from the kings of Edom, Moab and Ammon. (2 Chronicles 20: 1-29). When Jehoshaphat heard about this threat of war, he was afraid. He called on the people to fast and ask God for help.

Jehoshaphat: We will not stand a chance when this army attacks. We do not know what to do. We are begging for your help.

God (through Jahaziel): Don’t be afraid or let this powerful army discourage you. I will fight on your side. Just take your positions and watch me rescue you from your enemies. Don’t be afraid.

Jehoshaphat and the people bowed and worshiped the Lord. The next day as the army went out to war, Jehoshaphat appointed men to go in front and praise the Lord.

They sang, “Praise the Lord, His love never ends.”

As soon as the singing started, the Lord sent confusion to the enemy’s camp.

The Ammonite and Moabite troops attacked and destroyed the Edomites. They turned against each other and fought until the entire camp was wiped out! 2 Chronicles 20:22-23

When Judah’s army arrived, they saw that every soldier in the enemy’s army was lying dead. They did not have to raise a finger to fight but they arrived in time to collect the loot, which included livestock, equipment, clothes and other valuable items. It took them 3 days to carry the loot. The army marched back to Jerusalem singing praises to the Lord.

We are sometimes like the Buffalo, attacked by the lions of this world. The enemy attacks when we are most vulnerable and defenseless. I have experienced fear as I encountered the enemy’s assaults on multiple fronts. Like Jehoshaphat, I too sought the Lord for help.

Are you in the clutch of the enemy or facing major adversities? Are you like the Buffalo…glad to be alive or are you licking your wounds in self-pity?

No matter our troubles, we can trust the Lord and know that He is a mighty deliverer. His timing is always right. He promises to redeem us from the grip of the terrible. He will rescue us from our enemies, sometimes we may be bruised or broken in the process but His deliverance is sure.


Heavenly Father, thank you for rescuing us from the grip of terror and for sending confusion to the enemy’s camp. Thank you for blessing us with the gifts of your love, peace, hope, and joy, as we trust you with all our battles and challenges. In Jesus Name.

Video credit: Mike Kirkman, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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