Jamaica 2016: Answered Prayers in an Unexpected Way

adobe-sparkIf you told me in January that I would go to Jamaica this year, my response would be, not in my plans.

You see, I was trying to survive daily. Just when I thought I could not handle one more trial, the bottom fell out. In June, my family faced more challenges, one after another. In my private conversations with God, I asked if He was kidding me. I tried to wrap my head around these new events.  How much deeper are we going to fall in this pit, Lord?  I was bone weary from all these battles.   I understand that difficulties are part of the daily tasks of carrying my cross and following Him. But I was tired.

Then I read this passage in Luke 1. Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth were unable to have children. They waited for so long and now they were old, it seemed their hope would never materialize.  Then an angel appeared to Zechariah. He said, “do not be afraid, your prayer has been heard. Your wife, Elizabeth will bear a son.” In due time, Elizabeth conceived and bore a son named John. God answered their prayers in His own way and in His own time.

When I read this passage, I believe the Lord reminded me of His promise, “your prayer is heard.”

I thought, Lord, if my prayer is heard, why is the bottom falling out? Unknown to me, God was working behind the scenes through a friend and her mom. One day my friend called to check on my family. I was deep in the pit of despair. She and her mom arranged for my daughter and I to visit Jamaica.

In the last two posts, I wrote about the importance of having people in our inner circle. These two women were God’s angels to minister to my family during this critical time. God works in ways that we cannot see.

The trip to Jamaica was the best 10 days I had in a long time. My friend and her mom took care of my daughter while I got much needed rest. Our time together was filled with stories, laughter and good fun.  I laughed so much till my sides ached. I cannot remember the last time I laughed like that.

img_2567During our short stay, we visited several states in the beautiful country of Jamaica. The people are beautiful and gracious. (See photos here)

The Lord met me in an amazing way on this trip. I met a lady who shared several prophesies with me.

She confirmed many things the Lord had shown me before. She also said, “your prayers are answered.” I blessed the Lord for sending a stranger to encourage my heart.  I was refreshed on this trip physically, emotionally and spiritually as I waited in anticipation to see how God would move.

Going to Jamaica was an answer to prayer in an unexpected way. The Lord knew about all the chaos that I would experience before this trip. The trip was an evidence of God’s goodness in midst of difficulties.

Getting back home, I was amazed to see the changes in my family. There is more cooperation, better communication, compassion and empathy. We are a work in progress. We still face challenges but it is easier now because we are working through them together. Only God could bring about these changes. God chose to answer my prayers in His way, His time, and for His glory.

I am forever grateful Lord!

Friend, whatever you are believing God for, trust Him to answer in His time and in His way. Often times, He is working behind the scenes to make all things work for our good.

I am confident of this: that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalm 27:13

8 thoughts on “Jamaica 2016: Answered Prayers in an Unexpected Way

  1. This is so awesome and inspiring. I remembered things from us getting together, and it touched me all over again. 🙂 Our God is truly and awesome God, and it always touches me in a grand way how you allow Him to work in you like you do. That makes you awesome to me! x) *hugs you tight* Love you!

  2. Tope, it was a pleasure to have you with us. Thanks for comings. May God bless and keep you all.
    Love, Mommy Sybil.

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