Praying for Loved Ones


How do I pray for my loved ones?  I sometimes struggle in my prayers for them. My desire is that they will know and embrace the love of Jesus. It hurts to watch them go through life without Christ, making unwise and painful choices. My “fixing heart” so wants to help them get it. While I can share God’s truth with them, I realize it is not my place to “fix” them.

Only God can do that.

Rather, I can join God where he is already at work in their lives. I can love them through their pain and messes with the love of Jesus….. Love but not enable.

Praying personalized scriptures for my loved ones is a powerful way to petition God for their salvation.  He is the only one that can soften their hearts to accept Him.

I pray scriptures in faith and with thanksgiving that my loved ones will be saved, in God’s time. God loves all people and desires that none should perish, including our loved ones.  We petition on their behalf.

Here is my prayer:

Lord, let your hand rest on my loved ones. Psalm 80:17

Have mercy O Lord on my loved one, according to your unfailing love, according to your compassion blot out his/her transgressions. Wash away his/her iniquity and cleanse him/her from all unrighteousness. Psalm 51:1

Lord, circumcise my loved one’s heart so that he/she may love you with all his/her heart and with all his/her soul, and live. Deuteronomy 30:6

Lord, give my loved one a heart to know you. You are our God and we are your children. Help him/her to return to you with his/her whole heart. Jeremiah 24:7

Give my loved one a new heart Lord and put a new Spirit within him/her.  Remove his/her heart of stone and give him/her a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26

Father, my loved one’s heart is in your hands, direct it like a river wherever you please. Proverb 21:1

O Lord, instruct my loved one and teach him/her in the way he/she should go. Counsel him/her and watch over him/her. Do not let him/her be like a horse or mule which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle. Psalm 32:8-9

O Lord, you long to be gracious to my loved one. You rise to show him/her compassion. Whether he/she turns to the right or to the left, let him/her hear your voice behind him/her saying (insert loved one’s name),  this is the way; walk in it.  Empower him/her to obey you Lord. Isaiah 30:18, 21

Into your hands I commit my loved one’s spirit. Redeem him/her, O Lord the God of truth. Show him/her your heavenly way. Keep him/her from sin. Psalm 31:5

Father, sanctify my loved one with your truth because your Word is truth. John 17:17 

Father, rescue my loved one from the dominion of darkness and bring him/her into your Kingdom where he/she may have redemption and forgiveness of his/her sins. Colossians 3:13

Father, I pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation that my loved one might know you. I pray that the eyes of his/her heart may be enlightened in order that she may know the hope to which you are calling him/her.  I pray that he/she may know the glorious riches that are his/hers in Christ Jesus. I pray that he/she may know your great power and love. Ephesians 1:15-19

O Lord, my God, you are with my loved one. You are mighty to save him/her.  You take great delight in him/her and you will quiet him/her with your love. You rejoice over my loved one with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

I pray with thanksgiving in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

How about you, do you have unsaved loved ones?  Be encouraged, pray for them and trust God with the outcome.

5 thoughts on “Praying for Loved Ones

  1. I pray for a lot of my family members who don’t know Christ. I have scriptures I pray over them, too.
    I will definitely come back to your page to use some of yours in prayer for them.
    Beautiful post.
    Hope you’re well.

  2. Tope, Love this! Thank you for sharing. Acts 26:18 has been one I have prayed. This is the scripture I was talking with you about Sunday. Now I have many more to add thanks to your obedience. Keep up the good work. Love you and appreciate you. Kathy

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  3. “…..Open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light.” Acts 26:18
    Kathy, thanks for this verse. I will add it to my prayers as well. Blessings.

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