You are My Everything

Rev. 5:9Today, I am taking time to reflect on God’s faithfulness in my life. As I consider all His goodness, my soul cries out, Worthy, Worthy, Worthy are you O Lord.

Thank you Lord for who you are. Thank you for all you have done for me. I thank you Lord, for working through even the bad stuff of life and for bringing good out of it. I thank you for your love and for my deliverance. I thank you for the gift of family, friends, health, life and your provision.

Lord, thank you for bringing me to the place where I can truly say that you are “My Everything”. Thank you Lord.

Worthy are you O Lord.
Worthy is the lamb that was slain for me,
To you alone belong all power and riches,
To you alone belong all wisdom and strength
To you alone belong all honor and glory,
To you alone belong Majesty and praise
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Are you O Lord, God Almighty!
My soul declares
Worthy, Worthy, Worthy
Are you O Lord.

How about you? How often do you thank God for your life? I invite you to spend some time to reflect on God’s faithfulness to you. It is good for the soul.


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