A Woman of Influence


At some point in life, we are influenced by others. Some people come into our lives and have a positive impact on us. They encourage us to be the best that we can be.  In my life, I have been influenced by several great women and men. Ms. Lash, my biology teacher in secondary school had a profound influence on me. She taught biology with such passion that I aspired to be like her when “I grow up”.  She nurtured my interest in science, especially biology. Although, she did not know it at the time, she was laying the foundation for my future career as a scientist.  Ms. Lash has had a lasting influence in my life.

Influence…… Jezebel was very familiar with this concept. She was a woman of great influence.  She had the power to make things happen as King Ahab’s wife (1Kings 21). She controlled her husband and promoted idol worship in the land. The prophets of Baal feared her. She put several of God’s priests to death in Israel.  She had such power that it was no problem for her to murder and forcefully take another person’s property for her husband.

Ahab, the King of Israel wanted a beautiful vineyard that belonged to Naboth, the Jezerelite. Ahab asked if he could buy the land but Naboth refused to sell the land because it was family property. The land belonged to his family for generations. Ahab was sad and angry. He went home sulking and told his wife what happened.

Jezebel decided to take matters into her own hands. She saw Naboth’s refusal to sell the land as an insult.  She wrote a letter in Ahab’s name and sent it to the elders in the city where Naboth lived. She signed the letter with her husband’s seal so it carried the full authority of the king. In the letter, she asked the town elders to proclaim a fast and set Naboth in a prominent place since he was an important man in the town. Then they were to hire two rouges to accuse Nabaoth falsely of cursing God and the king. The people did as the letter stated and Naboth was stoned to death.  Jezebel was informed of Naboth’s death. Immediately, she and Ahab took possession of the vineyard.

In this story, we can see that Jezebel had an enormous influence on an entire nation. However, she abused that power with her attitude of pride, entitlement, selfishness and manipulation. This evil attitude says, “I can do whatever I want and get away with it”.  Her husband had a bent towards evil but she also helped to fuel that evil…….

There was never anyone like Ahab, who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord, urged on by Jezebel his wife.

(1 Kings 21:25 NIV)

We all have the capacity to influence others for good or evil. Influencers can affect the character, development and behavior of others. As mothers, sisters and girlfriends, everyday, we have opportunities to influence on our children, husbands, family members, friends, and co-workers.

What type of influencer are you? Does your influence bring out the best in others? Does it affect their character, development or behavior?

Lord, empower us to use our influence for good. Help us to see your example and be motivated to serve you and others. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Scripture:  Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. (Hebrews 10:24 NLT)

Women in Ethiopia
As women, we influence our families.

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  1. This was beautiful to read this afternoon. I was pretty mindful of my actions all week long this past week. I kept thinking of my Las Fajtas, and their love and wonderful support, and how I am supposed to SHOW I am God’s child by my actions, and by keeping my mouth closed. My boss was in Cancun, too, so I wanted to be a model of restraint and good decisions, so she would come back to just work she needed to catch up on. 😉

    Love you! So much! For your love, prayers, and sisterhood. ♥

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