The Beauty of Jesus

Beauty of Jesus One thing have I desired …that I may dwell in the Lord’s house to behold his beauty (Psalm 27:4, NIV)


As I prepared to travel for a family reunion, this song “Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me” kept coming to mind.  I learned this song growing up and didn’t remember all the words….a few clicks later, I found the lyrics on YouTube. I reflected on the song and wondered what the Lord was trying to tell me. Have you prayed for something and waited a long time for an answer? Well, you see this family reunion was an answer to a long-awaited prayer.  This song was a reminder to abide in Christ and surrender my will to Him during the reunion.

What is the beauty of Jesus?  Jesus’ beauty is His holiness, His power and His majesty. The beauty of Jesus is His gentleness, kindness, humility, long-suffering, faithfulness, self-discipline, compassion, righteousness and purity—the beauty of Jesus is awesome—see Galatians 5:22. To display the beauty of Jesus is to follow in his footsteps, walk like Him, and follow His way of love. It means we glorify Him in everything  instead of ourselves. In being like Jesus, our  goal is to share His love with others.  The beauty of Jesus is not  physical rather it is  an inner  working of the Holy Spirit that leads to a transformed life. This transformation motivates us to be compassionate, to bear with one another, to show kindness  and to practice the fruits of the Spirit.

I am a work in progress as the good Lord is still working to smoothen my rough edges.  I am grateful for the gentle nudging from the Father, who calls us to behold beauty of Jesus and reflect it in our daily lives.  This is not easy on our own but with His help, we can do it; we need His power. To reflect Jesus, it is necessary that we have a relationship with Him.

Our Family Reunion at Disney

Thankfully, the reunion was a success. Families…. brothers, uncles, aunties, moms, grandma and kids were reunited after a very long time.   The kids were particularly excited to meet their cousins for the first time. Jesus’ beauty shone as we extended forgiveness, love and grace to one another. It was awesome to behold. I have goose bumps just thinking about it.


Dear Lord, thank you for bringing us back together as a family. We desire  to grow more in your likeness.  Remove  everything in our lives that prevents us from bearing fruit so that we can be more like you. Help us reflect your beauty daily in our interactions with our families and with others. In Jesus Name.  Amen.


Do you have a relationship with Jesus? Do you desire His beauty? I encourage you to invite Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

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  1. This was a beautiful devotion. Thank you for sharing your family with us. I always appreciate what you say and share, because I know I am going to learn something from it. 🙂

    You are a wonderful blessing to those that you touch–THANK YOU, Sister! ♥

    *hugs tight*

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