Your Song

“No one could learn this song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth” Revelation 14:3
This week I reflected on Revelation 14:1-5.  The passage was about the redeemed.  One hundred and forty four thousand were standing with the Lamb. They were described as having the seal of God and His  son on their foreheads.  They  sang a beautiful new song and the sound of their singing was like the rushing waters. It was as loud as thunder and like the sound of many harpists playing their harps—Beautiful!  No one else could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed.
Verse 3 really caught my attention because it suggested that these redeemed folks were quite unique. They had been given a song that no one else could sing. Do you know that  you are uniquely created to sing a new song?  No one else can sing your song. It is specially assigned to you by God.  No one else can sing my song. No one else can fulfill the purpose for which God made you and I. He has uniquely gifted each one with a song, a new song.

This morning as I watched the Zumba instructor lead the class, the verse from Revelation 14:3 came to mind. It occurred to me that she was singing her song. As class participants, we were helping to fulfill her calling. It was fascinating to watch as sisters—young and old moved to the beats.  For the moment, nothing else seemed to matter as we danced, burned fat and sweated.  I imagined that these sisters were not only releasing stress but perhaps they were also being transformed from within—getting a glimpse of  their song and choosing to sing it.
The question is this, do you know your song? Will you sing your song? Will you walk in your calling? Whenever you follow God’s calling for your life, you are choosing to sing your song i.e. fulfill your purpose. Remember that you are uniquely created by God to fulfill the purpose that he planned for you long ago.
Over the last few years, the Lord has made my song clearer to me.  I believe that I am making progress in singing my new song.  I admit it has been a slow process but I am thankful that I am not where I used to be.  Lord, with your help I have stepped out in faith to use my gift of teaching and encouragement to  bring your light to others.  I pray for my sisters who may be reading this blog. I pray that you will give them courage to embrace their song and sing it with passion.  Father, as we choose to obey you and walk in our calling, I pray that we will bring you praise, glory and honor.

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