Take That Step!

The Bible is full of stories of ordinary women and men that God used in extraordinary ways.  Take Gideon for example, he was an ordinary man. His story is told in Judges 6-8.  Because he was afraid of the Midianite oppression, he hid down in the wine press to thresh wheat.   Yet, God called him to lead his people out of oppression. God called Gideon “Mighty Warrior” even when he did not believe in himself. Gideon felt totally inadequate to do what God asked of him.  He lacked courage and even asked God for signs. For instance, he was not brave to destroy the idols in his home town during the day; rather, he chose to do it during the night. He asked God to wet the fleece and keep the ground dry and vice versa.

Every step of the way, Gideon needed assurance. God in his mercy was faithful to offer that assurance.  God knew Gideon’s weaknesses. According to Hebrews 11:34, God turned his weaknesses into strength. He made him powerful in battle and helped him route foreign armies.
I love the story of Gideon. It gives me hope that God can use an imperfect person like me.  Sometimes I struggle with taking a new step or the next step.  I know what to do but I am afraid of “what ifs”.  Like Gideon I second guess myself. Did I hear correctly? Lord, are you really laying this on my heart?  I need assurance that God is right there leading me; that I am on the right path and I can trust Him.  I am grateful for God’s assurance.
How about you? What is the next step that God is calling you to take? I invite you to trust the God of Gideon, who made him powerful in battle and led him to victory.  He is waiting to help you and me to take that step.  We can trust Him!

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