A Gift of Streams in the Desert

What a great month it’s been! Several big events happened during the last few weeks. These events are a welcomed change from the status quo of continuously being in the “desert”. I see these events as God’s way of providing streams in our desert experiences. Although our desert was often marked by fears and uncertainties, God … More A Gift of Streams in the Desert

How God Lifts the Pain of Rejection and Gives Hope

Rejection stings. Have you ever felt rejected? I have. When we are not accepted by family members, friends, or colleagues we may experience rejection. For example, when a dad is too busy to give attention to his daughter, she may experience feelings of worthlessness. When a mother favors one child over another who is prettier … More How God Lifts the Pain of Rejection and Gives Hope

Who is the Lord?

Who is the Lord? Why should I obey him? At some point in our lives, we all ask these questions. How we arrive at the answer is different for each of us. Some of us heard about God in church as children and believe. Some heard about God in Sunday School, or through friends and … More Who is the Lord?

Limiting Mindset

Lately, I have been bombarded by fears and self-doubt about my writing. For example, when I have an idea, I am immediately flooded with negative thoughts. “Your idea is not good and even if it is good, it will be difficult to accomplish. So give up!” I wrestle with these fears on a regular basis. … More Limiting Mindset